Kural33 Organic Baby Towels

Kural33 Organic Baby Towels. Wrap your little one in the soft, breathable towel when they are getting out of the bath. Your baby enjoys being warm in a light and elegant cotton towel, made of 100% organic cotton which is perfect for your baby’s delicate skin. The material is soft on baby’s skin, and the absorbent towel will keep baby warm with its large-sized hood.

Envelop your newborn in the towel that is soft and fine, when they let out of the shower. The baby will relish staying dry in a smooth, fluffy cotton towel, made of 100% organic cotton which is perfect for the infant’s sensitive skin. The absorbent cloth will keep baby warm and safe. Give your baby a luxurious feel by wrapping in an organic cotton towel. Kural33 Organic Baby Towels.


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