What is Swaddling?

Swaddling is the art of covering a baby in a piece of cloth for warmth and security. It can keep the baby from being disturbed by its startle reflex that makes excess crying. It can help them stay warm and pleasant which heads to uninterrupted sleep. It may even help them to relax and reduce unnecessary weeping. Kural33 Organic Baby Swaddle.

Why Swaddling Important?

Being covered up can stop the baby from annoyed from its startle reflex. We may have seen the baby does a sudden jerk while sleeping. These jerks or movements are the startle reflex which is normal. Swaddling helps to create a secure feel for the baby as it covered up closely. Kural33 Organic Baby Swaddle.

Organic Baby Swaddle

Swaddling is the art of covering a baby in a cloth for warmth and security. Organic cotton sheets are valid and reliable for the tender skin of the baby. Your little one will cherish covering warm in a smooth, fluffy cotton cloth, made of complete organic cotton which is perfect for the baby’s sensitive skin. The organic cotton swaddle will keep the baby warm and secure. Give your baby a luxurious feel by covering in an organic cotton swaddle. Kural33 Organic Baby Swaddle.

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